Let a Professional Land Surveyor Solve Your Property Dispute in Guadalupe County, TX

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Your relationship with your neighbor could quickly turn sour during a dispute over the property lines. As a property owner, you have every right to the land that is rightfully yours, regardless of what your neighbor might say. Unfortunately, just because you know where your property ends and begins doesn’t mean your neighbor will agree. If this is the case, it’s time to bring in a professional land surveyor to solve your property dispute in Guadalupe County, TX.

A qualified land surveying company can help you settle even the most seemingly complicated land dispute. Read on to discover more about how land surveyor can help.

When to use a professional for land disputes

Most land disputes tend to occur when there is a major change. That could either be a change in property ownership or a new loan. Here are a few different situations where you may find yourself in need of professional help to settle a land dispute:

  • New property owner: This is one of the most common scenarios. Your new neighbor may be skeptical of the current property boundary, such as an old fence at the end of their property. Both parties are well within their legal right to hire a professional land surveyor to determine the legal boundaries of each piece of land.
  • Financial reasons: Many finance companies require the accurate size of your property before even considering signing off on any loan. Additionally, it’s best that you have the exact property size determined by a professional land surveyor before you even consider listing it in a will or other legal document.
  • Construction: As a property owner, you have every right to install a storage shed or build a new addition to your home on your property. Unfortunately, you are both legally and financially responsible if you happen to accidentally build on a piece of land you did not own. You could be faced with paying additional funds to have the new addition removed and then rebuilt in a new location. Determining the exact boundaries of the property ahead of time will help you avoid these costly mistakes.
  • Comply with local ordinances and codes: A professional land survey can be beneficial even if it’s not mandated by a looming conflict. Many cities and counties will not issue a building permit or allow you to make any other major changes to the space without having a current survey of the property on file.

How land surveyors solve a property dispute in Guadalupe County, TX

A professional land surveyor is licensed and experienced in establishing the true boundaries of a property both quickly and efficiently. They’ll utilize incredibly accurate state-of-the-art GPS equipment to create an official report and map detailing the property in question. Only a registered land surveyor can establish the true property lines that will be recognized by your local recorder.

Contact Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. today to learn more about how a registered land surveyor can help settle your property dispute in Guadalupe County, TX.

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  • My neighbor has been encroaching on my space by storing cars and tractors on my land. At first, I let it slide but he is now twenty feet on my property and I am not okay with that. You mentioned that professional land surveyors are licensed and experienced in establishing boundaries and GPS mapping as to know where the borders of property are located. Because of the ongoing dispute, I am going to have to contact a land surveyor so that I can have that part of my yard back.

  • It’s good to learn about the uses of land surveyors. My wife and I actually just bought a house, and our Western border is a point of tension with the neighbors. We’ll be sure to look at hiring a surveyor, to solve this issue.

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