Platting and Property Lines in Guadalupe County, TX: How They Work

Platting and Property Lines in Guadalupe County, TX: How They Work

April 27, 2017

If you are subdividing or consolidating lots, it is likely you must complete a plat first. This helps agencies review the property lines in Guadalupe County, TX and assess whether your plan is appropriate. Developers taking on a new project or people just entering the land planning field often require guidance because this is intense, detail-oriented work. If you need to go through a platting process, here is how that works.

What is a plat?

A plat is a map drawn to scale that shows the divisions in a piece of land. It also indicates access to utilities, streets and alleys, and other features that are relevant to a development plan.

This is used by zoning sections to determine access to utilities, right of way and easements. Sometimes, a plat is submitted to designate park land or consolidate lots. All of this assures compliance with zoning regulations, and if you need to ask for an exception, a plat makes a big difference in showing why it is necessary or appropriate.

The plat also allows the property office to assign a legal description to separate or consolidated lots—depending on your plans. This allows you to transfer property, build and maintain current registration at the property office.

Creating plats

As you can imagine, creating plats is an involved process. Establishing boundary lines is only one small part of the whole process, although it is arguably the most important one. Many developers prefer hiring a land planning specialist or civil engineer to create plats. That assures plan approval and decreases the likelihood that an important element gets overlooked.

The process of platting involves:

• A full land survey to verify boundaries of the full lot. This is a good precaution since a land dispute can tie up your building plans.

• Reviewing utility lines so each subdivision receives water, power and fiber optics or telephone lines. If you are consolidating a lot that was previously subdivided, we still need to assure access to utilities.

• Drafting the locations of streets and alleys so there is access between subdivided lots or through a large consolidated lot. Zoning agencies are unlikely to approve your plans unless there are clearly drawn streets.

• Comparing the plans with current zoning regulations so they comply. A zoning violation prevents plan approval. However, if you fall under an exception, the plat makes an excellent persuasive device.

• Submitting plans to the city or county for approval.

It is impossible for the property office to approve your building plans unless you submit a plat. This works in your favor because it assures there is no misunderstanding and it is easier to explain why you need an exception or why a lot complies with current regulations. An accurate, well-designed plat is time consuming to create, but proves to be a valuable tool as well.

If you need to determine property lines in Guadalupe County, TX and draft a plat, call the experts at Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. today to schedule a consultation.

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