Why Platting and a Boundary Survey in Guadalupe County, TX Are Necessary

Why Platting and a Boundary Survey in Guadalupe County, TX Are Necessary

May 11, 2017

Platting and a boundary survey in Guadalupe County, TX are necessary for any land development project. A plat is a detailed map of your subdivided lots, utility access and streets and alleys. If you are consolidating several lots, the plat shows details like building placement, trail access or other relevant elements to your project. Here are five reasons why this process is necessary:

• Plan approval: It is impossible to secure approval for building or consolidating lots without a plat. Unless the zoning agency is assured that you allow for right of way and utility access, they are unlikely to allow you to build. Plats are complex and take time to draft. But they are the easiest way to show government agencies that you provide all the elements needed to make your building plans successful.

• Assure compliance: Building and development are subject to requirements. These may be set by land use goals that are priorities of a city or county, or your only barrier could be zoning regulations. The plat shows that you conform with these rules. Also, if you seek a zoning exception, you are more likely to get that approved if you can visually show the utility of plans through a plat.

• Designate right of way: Subdivisions are useless unless everyone has access to their lot. If you are consolidating land to build a park or flood zone, you need to show right of way for maintenance and use. Plats show the location of lots and various land uses, but they also display streets, sidewalks, bike trails and alleys. These details are essential to the use and enjoyment of the land. You will not have plans approved without them, so a clear plat that shows how people get around is necessary.

• Display consolidation plans: Consolidation may seem easier than subdivision, but it still must be justified to approving agencies. Any time land is dedicated to public uses like parks or flood zones, you must show the utility of that decision. The plat is a useful tool in this consideration. Plats involving parks may show access to trails or boat ramps, as well as other recreation outlets. If you are consolidating lots to create a business park or build a large operation, you still need to show roads and utility access. This makes consolidation just as involved as subdivision!

• Create easements: Once you map out your plans and see how lots are situated, you will be able to assess where you need access and utility easements. Access easements, as the name suggests, allow people to reach their lot. If your land is locked in by parcels owned by other parties, you will need an easement to cross those parcels and access your lot. Utility easements allow plumbing, telephone lines, fiber optics and electrical wires to pass through several lots so everyone has access to water and electricity. You will never know which easements you need before you plat, and this helps you plan—and get approved later.

If you require a boundary survey in Guadalupe County, TX for successful platting, call Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. today.

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