A Land Surveyor in Guadalupe County, TX Addresses Five Common Land Survey Myths and Misconceptions

A Land Surveyor in Guadalupe County, TX Addresses Five Common Land Survey Myths and Misconceptions

June 26, 2017

When it comes to boundary disputes and projects on private property that stand to impact neighboring land, most difficult situations can really benefit from the expertise of a local land surveyor. Unfortunately, not everyone takes land surveying seriously, and some even believe it to be an unnecessary service. It’s this kind of attitude that can land neighbors in court over property line disputes or throw a wrench into a site development plan after it’s discovered that the land is unusable. Before issues arise is the time to get the facts straight about land surveying.

Let’s ask an experienced land surveyor in Guadalupe County, TX about some of the most common land survey myths and misconceptions.

Myth #1: Your neighbor would never go over the property line

You bought a property, there’s a dividing fence in place and everybody’s happy. However, neighbors encroaching on each other’s property is very common, whether they do it on purpose or have unknowingly invaded. If there’s any question as to land ownership, hire a land surveyor in Guadalupe County, TX to mark your property line.

Myth #2: The shared fence is exactly where your property line should be

While a fence is good to have, and it looks as though it’s where it should be, this does not always mean that’s where the property line actually runs. And the older the fence, the more likely it is to have shifted over the property line toward or away from you. To locate the true lines with all your connecting neighbors, seek an expert’s input.

Myth #3: You don’t need a land survey to build a fence or install a storm water management system

You’re putting up a new fence anyway, so why not go the extra step and get a professional land survey done to ensure you are building on your property? If you don’t, and you build over onto your neighbor’s property, you could end up being told to take down the fence and move it. The same goes for storm water management systems inadvertently installed over the line.

Myth #4: Your land was surveyed in the past, so you don’t need another survey

Fences shift over time, and different land surveyors can document different results. If it’s been a while since the last survey was conducted or there are multiple land surveying results on file, consider getting a new one performed for accuracy.

Myth #5: Land surveys cost too much

Think of it this way. You can invest in a thorough land survey now, or possibly end up paying thousands of dollars in tear-down and rebuild costs related to an encroaching fence.

Buying or selling a property, for example, can stir up all sorts of questions about neighbor property lines. A neighbor might say the shared fence is four inches further over on their side, while you are more than certain it’s where it should be. If you are unsure of the authenticity of the land survey information you have received, then make the call to a professional in the industry.

Contact the team at Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. to speak with a knowledgeable land surveyor in Guadalupe County, TX today!

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