Importance of STEM Education

Importance of STEM Education

December 6, 2017

The popularity of STEM education has been continuously growing in the past few decades as technology continues to evolve, but some still don’t understand it and why it’s important. STEM education stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

STEM is everywhere in our lives. As humans in an increasingly technological world, it’s important that we continue to improve our understanding of each of the STEM fields to benefit the economy, other people and the world around us as a whole. STEM isn’t just about the newest app on your cell phone, though. It encompasses the ability to travel in space, new medications, the identification of new animal species, upgraded machinery, civil engineering and so much more. Here are just a few of the reasons why STEM education is critically important:

  • Increased innovation: Technology continues to grow and change, and that’s largely because of STEM education. When we teach our children about STEM fields, we are producing the next generation of innovators who will grow up to create new technologies and improve on existing ones. Innovation will become stagnant without STEM education and a new group of intelligent minds to think and create.
  • Everyone benefits: Everyone in the world benefits from STEM education. Technology, science and engineering play a role in so many aspects of our lives, and we probably don’t even realize it. When new innovations are introduced to medicine, engineering and other fields, everyone can benefit from their impact on the world.
  • STEM jobs are growing: As we continue to rely on technology and innovation, the jobs in STEM fields continue to grow, and we need more people to fill them. A young person being educated in STEM can grow up to be a doctor, mathematician, app developer, property surveyor or site engineer in Guadalupe County, TX. Each field has its own specialties to serve many interests, and there’s a position out there for anyone; they only need to be introduced to it through education.
  • Builds important skills: STEM builds extremely important skills like logic, critical thinking, objective analysis, decision-making and problem solving. Each of these skills is important not only to STEM jobs, but to all jobs and aspects of life. STEM education helps prepare students to use these skills in college and in the workforce.
  • Bolsters the economy: STEM education leads to innovations that also bolster the economy. Without continuous innovation and change, we wouldn’t have the plethora of jobs, products and services we do today. All of the applications in STEM fields help create opportunities to keep the economy afloat and our country, and world, successful.

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