Reasons to Get a Land Survey Before Buying Land

Reasons to Get a Land Survey Before Buying Land

December 27, 2018

Congratulations on finding the perfect piece of land! Purchasing land is a big accomplishment, whether you’re buying a home, planning for commercial construction or simply finding a plot for future use. But before you sign off on the land deed, it’s important to have the property checked out by a professional land surveyor in Seguin, TX. Many people skip this step, but this could leave them vulnerable to a myriad of potential issues that could easily be avoided with a simple survey.

A land survey is the only way to guarantee you’re truly getting what you are paying for. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so important to have a land survey performed before buying a piece of property.

Identifies the exact property line

As the buyer, your only basis for the exact property line is probably what the realtor or seller told you. The actual location of the property line can become lost or confused over time. Some property owners will base it on landmarks, instead of the actual line. The buyer could be purchasing more or even less land than they assume. This could lead to serious legal issues or property disputes in the future. A land surveyor in Seguin, TX will identify the precise location of the property line, the dimensions of the lot and the location of any existing structures.

Reveals easement locations

A land survey will also identify any easements, which are areas where the owner has given other people or entities permission to pass through or even use the land. Typically, easements are held by utility companies to maintain a power line, or by a neighbor who needs to use an access road that runs across the property to reach their own land. The current owner has no legal obligation to disclose any existing easements when selling or transferring the property. However, whatever the reason, a buyer needs to be aware of any existing easements ahead of time.

Highlights encroachments

A land surveyor will highlight the location of any encroachments. This might include a neighboring structure, an underground septic tank or a water well. An unknown encroachment could result in serious legal troubles if you were to accidentally strike a neighbor’s water pipe when building a new addition. The encroachment could even lower the overall value of the property.

Never buy land without consulting a land surveyor

Having a land survey performed should be a non-negotiable step any time a piece of property changes hands. A smart buyer should never blindly trust the word of their realtor or the landowner. As a buyer, failing to perform this due diligence is irresponsible because there is no other way to know exactly what is being purchased. A registered land surveyor will be able to give you the best information possible about the land itself so you’ll have the opportunity to resolve any issues or adjust the offer before the deal is finalized.

Call the experts at Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. today to speak to one of our experienced property surveyors in Seguin, TX about scheduling a survey!

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