GPS and Construction Surveys

GPS and Construction Surveys

March 28, 2019

Most of us use a global positioning system—or GPS for short—every day when navigating in our cars or on foot. This handy technology wasn’t available for public use until 2000, though the military has been using it for much longer. Since its unveiling, GPS has had an immense impact on our everyday lives. On top of cutting down on planning and navigation time when we travel, GPS has also improved several other fields.

Read on to find out how GPS technology works and how it has helped land surveyors in Seguin, TX to do their jobs more effectively.

What is GPS?

Simply put, GPS is a navigation system that can pinpoint location with precise accuracy. How GPS operates, however, is much more complex. GPS systems rely on a network of around 30 different satellites that orbit the earth and offer quick responses to devices sending out requests for location information like position, velocity and time.

The reason GPS is so accurate is because no matter where you are on earth, you can access or “see” at least four different satellites. Your GPS receiver can pick up signals from each satellite and then calculate how far away each satellite is. Then the receiver pinpoints your location using a mathematical process called trilateration.

GPS and surveying

The science of surveying is one that relies on great expertise and precision. Traditionally, land surveyors relied mainly on hardware for surveying, including theodolites, total stations and simple measuring tape. Surveyors use these instruments to figure out property boundaries and locations through measuring angles and distances.

In such a technical field, and one that relies on so much data, surveyors benefit from technology that helps them gather data more accurately and efficiently. The advent of GPS has allowed surveyors to get their hands on accurate data more quickly, which in turn helps construction projects move forward more quickly as well. Instead of requiring many trips to the site, most current surveyors can gather what they need in one trip.

On top of this, GPS technology for surveying is easier to use in adverse weather conditions like snow, rain or high temperatures. Being able to work despite difficult weather is another way GPS has made surveying more efficient. Finally, GPS technology is often easier for surveyors to learn and use, which means less time is spent training surveyors to use the more complex and older tools of the trade.

Pinpointing the best land surveyors

When you’re choosing land surveyors in Seguin, TX, you want to choose surveyors who are well versed in the field and confident in the newest technology. The local firm that fits the bill the best is Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. We have operated since 1953, and over the past 60-plus years we’ve built a strong reputation in the local community because of our commitment to helping our partners reach their missions.

Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. can help you understand your land resources better, and use them more effectively and creatively to build better spaces. Call today to learn more!

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