Technique Guide for Land Surveys in Seguin, TX

Technique Guide for Land Surveys in Seguin, TX

April 25, 2019

Land surveys in Seguin, TX are an important part of property purchases and ownership. They are often necessary to complete a property transfer or develop land. But how do land surveyors complete this process? What techniques do they use?

Below is a quick overview of some of the basic techniques used by survey professionals. Extensive knowledge of equipment and methods is necessary to effectively apply these techniques. For more details on their application, contact your local land surveyors at Bettersworth & Associates, Inc.

  • Triangulation: This technique increases the efficiency of land surveys in Seguin, TX. Using this method, surveyors are required to take fewer measurements. A frequently used method, triangulation involves the use of overlapping, connected triangles to measure angles.
  • Trilateration: In some terrain, the triangulation method cannot produce the greatest accuracy. If a surveyor must complete a survey in hilly or rough terrain, he or she often uses trilateration. This technique measures the length and sides of triangles using electronic equipment. The surveyor then uses these measurements to calculate the angles.
  • Leveling: To calculate the elevation of a property, surveyors use leveling. This identifies the elevation of the area by measuring vertical distances. The surveyor applies trigonometry calculations to find the elevation between two areas.
  • Theodolites: The instrument typically used for leveling calculations is a theodolite. This tool measures vertical and horizontal angles. It is basically a rotating telescope. It can be one of two styles: transit or non-transit. Transit theodolites feature a telescope which the surveyor can invert, while a non-transit theodolite offers rotation in a semi-circle only.
  • Traverse: The traverse survey method is typically used when a survey is needed for building new roadways. The method involves measuring distances and lengths in lines that the surveyor adjusts for necessary detours or reroutes around obstacles.
  • Radiation: This method is often combined with triangulation and traverse survey techniques. Surveyors using this method often use a plane table. Boundary points of the property are noted, and these are drawn on a paper survey, which shows distances to scale.
  • Geodetic: This type of survey is used for large parcels of land. Applying this method, the surveyor takes into account the curvature of the Earth’s surface. Trilateration, triangulation and astronomical direction fixing are used to measure and demonstrate land dimensions.
  • Plane: When surveying small tracs of land, surveyors use plane survey methods. When applying this technique, the surveyor treats the land as a flat surface. Then, they use plane trigonometry and geometry calculations to measure the land.
  • Intercept: The intercept method allows a surveyor to establish altitude by comparing the positions of two different altitudes and the distance between them.

If you need a land survey in Seguin, TX, the professionals at Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. are skilled in the latest techniques to provide a quality survey you can depend on. Established in 1953 in Seguin, we have gained recognition in creating better places to live, learn, work and play. Our goal is to improve the value of our clients’ land resources in a way that advances their missions and improves their communities.

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