Civil Engineering and Building Construction

Civil Engineering and Building Construction

June 28, 2019

Civil engineering and construction is defined as the building and maintenance of physical and natural-built environments, including bridges, buildings, dams, roads, airports and canals. This field is concerned with the construction and longtime viability of publicly used spaces and is one of the oldest aspects of engineering. Civil engineering involves structures being adequately supported and able to resist loads, which is especially important in cases such as dams and bridges.

In our everyday lives, we’re constantly using infrastructure that has benefited from centuries of research and development in civil engineering in Guadalupe, TX and beyond. Everything from railways to stadiums and schools are the products of this field. Read on to find out more about how civil engineering works and get to know some of its multiple forms:

  • Highways: The American transportation system relies on civil engineering as the backbone of various forms of transit. Civil engineers for highways have a multi-step process for design and construction. They start with locating and surveying the site. This is followed by underground work that creates embankments. Then they need to establish drainage and construct the highway’s pavement. Lastly, they place road signs, lights and signals to help drivers.
  • Water supply: Civil engineering and construction is also important to provide a constant source of fresh, clean water. A water supply project, such as a dam, requires several steps. This begins with dissipating the site and building the dam. Then engineers need to design and construct the controls and spillways for the dam. Next comes the pump house connections and the addition of transmission lines and construction tunnels. Finally, they establish the water treatment portion that ensures water is clean and drinkable.
  • Construction plans: Every project involves a detailed plan that breaks down each stage and facilitates the use of technology and equipment to get the job done. Operations required by a construction plan typically include how digging will be done—either manually or by machine—inserting supports, the use and pouring of concrete and how the earth should be filled back in again. Having a detailed plan at the beginning is key in ensuring that the project is completed on time and on budget.

Civil engineering in Guadalupe County, TX and throughout the country is a growing field. Those who want to become civil engineers often start studying in high school by delving into fields such as physics, algebra and trigonometry. They then go on to undergraduate and graduate studies to become licensed professionals.

The team at Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. has deep experience in the field because we’ve been in business since 1953. Over that time, we’ve forged long-term relationships with a range of clients in land surveying, land planning, commercial development and civil engineering.

We’re a resourceful, award-winning team that’s there with you every step of the way from design, to construction, to cutting the red ribbon at the grand opening. Ready to find out how we’ve been serving the community for more than six decades and how we can help with your project? Give us a call now to learn more about our services and set up your first consultation!

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