How to Reduce Sediment Loss on Construction Sites

How to Reduce Sediment Loss on Construction Sites

May 20, 2020

The soil underneath your feet is more than just dirt. Mixed in among the earth is a substance called sediment. This umbrella term refers to everything from the remains of plants and animals to rocks to various minerals. Perhaps even more fascinating is sediment’s tendency to be mobile whenever possible. Sediment can be transported via water, air or a variety of other means. When it lands in your property, sediment serves a wide range of purposes. It can strengthen the foundation of your home and enrich the soil to make growing easier.

When you perform construction on your property, however, there is always the potential for extreme sediment loss if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are techniques common in civil engineering in Guadalupe County, TX that you can use to minimize sediment loss during your next construction project.

Trackout control

At first glance, trackout control may seem like a highly technical term, but the concept is really quite simple. When a crew of people or some heavy construction machines are moving all around your property, there is always the possibility that boots (or treads) will pick up sediment. The worker will then accidentally track this sediment out of the property. As such, it’s essential to control the removal of sediment from your land.

Fortunately, a stretch of stones or a manufactured pad for your vehicles and workers to cross as they exit the site can go a long way toward preventing sediment loss.

Add a ditch check

Any firm experienced in civil engineering in Guadalupe County, TX will tell you that a ditch is one of the most common methods of removing excess water from a site. While it’s important to eliminate unneeded water, you never want to take any valuable sediment along with it. Sediment loss through a ditch can be prevented with a ditch check. These simple devices are designed to slow and deconcentrate the flow of water and filter out any valuable minerals that may otherwise have run away.


One increasingly common means of erosion control is the implementation of geotextiles. This term refers to one of a massive selection of textiles that are semipermeable. That is, they allow water to flow through them, but they keep the valuable sediment behind. Thoughtful placement of geotextiles can have a dramatic impact on sediment control on your next construction project.

Talent and customer service in one

In 1953, Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. went into business with a straightforward goal: to provide the best in land planning and civil engineering in Guadalupe County, TX. Our growing list of awards and satisfied customers seem to hint that we’ve accomplished that goal with aplomb.

Whatever services you require, we can make it happen, including civil engineering, construction layout services, construction staking, elevation certificates, land and mortgage surveys, boundary disputes, site plans, title surveys and topographic surveys. As we’ve grown, we’ve also adapted to the times, which means all of our services are provided using state-of-the-art equipment.

When your next construction project requires the best, call on Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. We’re here to help.

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