Here’s Why Land Surveyors Are More Important Than You Might Think

Here’s Why Land Surveyors Are More Important Than You Might Think

December 31, 2021

Land surveyors do more than just set up tripods and point telescope-type devices at markers in the distance. They are integral to all types of construction, but the importance of land surveyors goes beyond that. They can help resolve legal property disputes, settle insurance claims and even help correct historical records. Here is some more information about land surveyors’ importance that might have you thinking twice next time you see one of us out in the wild!


All construction projects must begin with copious amounts of planning—and that planning often begins with data from a land surveyor. Sometimes there is enough existing data from a previous land survey to begin planning a project, but other times there needs to be an update or more measurements must be taken to proceed.

Not only is land surveying data essential in many cases, but it can also help speed up the construction process and minimize unnecessary costs during the building phase and beyond. Because land surveying data can be accurate within millimeters, construction teams can avoid over-purchasing or repeating tasks due to improper measurements.

Proper land surveying can be important to establish boundaries for a construction project for legal reasons, but it can also be important for structural reasons. For example, land surveyors can measure vertical distances as well as horizontal distances, meaning construction teams will know exactly the slope of a parcel of land and can adjust their foundation and building plans accordingly.

Code compliance

Another reason why land surveyors are important is that they help ensure your project will be compliant with any planning codes or guidelines you’re legally required to follow. Sometimes there are wildlife or vegetation protection requirements in place, living space density regulations or a host of other local regulations. Oftentimes a professional land survey is required in order to go forward with a development project to help establish boundary lines, height measurements and other aspects of the project.

Property encroachment

Another part of land surveyors’ importance is helping deal with property encroachment issues. Property encroachment issues can happen between neighbors in a residential area, commercial businesses downtown or anywhere in between. And just because there may be an agreement or understanding of property lines now doesn’t mean it will always be that way in the future. This is true even if the agreement is in writing.

The best way to be completely clear about property lines for generations to come is by hiring a professional land surveyor. This way there will be an impartial record that can always be used as a reference for legal purposes. This will include location of vegetation, fences, road features, utilities and even location of windows, doors and roof lines in some cases.

Now that you know more about land surveyors’ importance, you may want to check and see if your property has up-to-date land surveying data on record. If you need any land surveying work done on your property, contact the experienced team at Bettersworth & Associates, Inc. today.

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