The Tools of Land Surveying

The Tools of Land Surveying

November 11, 2022

Land surveying is a complex undertaking, and those who aren’t careful are very susceptible to making mistakes. To ensure that they provide only accurate information to their customers, surveyors must use all the available tools.

This article will highlight some of the most important tools in a land surveyor’s arsenal. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in this field, you need to learn more about the common land surveying tools listed here.

Survey Vests

Safety should always be a priority for land surveyors. Survey vests ensure that surveyors will be visible no matter where they are on a plot of land.

Many of the survey vests available today are also designed for comfort. They are made from breathable fabrics to ensure that the surveyors will be comfortable as they trek through the landscape.

Laser Measuring Tools

Taking measurements is an integral part of a land surveyor’s job. More and more surveyors are using laser measuring tools to perform that task.

Laser measuring devices are incredibly precise and can easily cover great distances. They make the job of a land surveyor significantly easier.


Similar to laser measuring tools, theodolites can be utilized to measure angles. However, they are more commonly utilized to triangulate specific objects in a given location. Transits can be used as substitutes for theodolites, but the latter are generally preferred because they are more accurate.


Determining elevation between two points is an important aspect of a land surveyor’s job. Levels are the tools they primarily use to gauge elevation.

More advanced level designs are now available so surveyors can choose whichever type suits them best.


Using a level alone can be difficult because you may have difficulty establishing stability. That’s why you also need a tripod to keep it stable. You can make a frustrating task way more manageable if you use a tripod.


Compasses are among the tools used on a land surveying job. Why do surveyors need compasses?

Land surveyors depend on compasses to navigate large stretches of unexplored land. They need compasses to keep track of their location. Compasses are also quite versatile as they can measure distances between certain points.

Magnetic Locators

To survey a plot of land properly, surveyors must also find certain fixtures so they can either be removed or replaced. Fixtures such as pipes and steel covers can get in the way of new construction, so they must be located and dealt with as soon as possible.

Surveyors can use magnetic locators to find those metal fixtures. New magnetic locators have incredible range, thus making them capable of finding objects buried deep beneath the ground.

Ground Penetrating Radars

Not all buried objects that land surveyors need to find are made out of metal. Certain utilities and other fixtures consist of other materials, so they can be harder to find underground.

To pinpoint the location of those other materials, land surveyors can enlist the help of ground penetrating radars. These machines take some getting used to, but they make the jobs of land surveyors significantly simpler.

Remember to get your land surveying tools from reputable retailers. Don’t skimp on quality when purchasing your land surveying equipment, as that decision will adversely affect your job.

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